Infrared Imaging

Common Applications of Infrared Thermography

Insulation Effectiveness

Air & Moisture Leakage

Electrical Issues

Insulation is used to stop the transfer of heat or cold from one area to another.When used to scan walls and roofs, missing insulation can be seen easily.The picture noted above shows the studs behind the drywall. Inticating the insulation has over time deteriorated. Leaks can occur in many forms: Steam, water or air, all are wasting energy. The infrared camera can locate leaks that would normally be undetectable. Overloaded circuits, grounding problems and loose wiring are some of the concerns that can be detected with a infrared thermal scan.Loose wiring and ungrounded wires can cause safety concerns in your home due to damage and possibly fire. Ungrounded wires and loose wires also waste energy.

Our Infrared scans are included in the cost of a home Inspection but can also be preformed as a stand alone service


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