Why Inspect?




Buy with Confidence – Buying your dream house should be an exciting time. It’s a time when you turn your dream into reality. A time when a house becomes your home. At Cornerstone Home Services Inc., Ted and Julie want to help you through this time.They want to “Equip You to Make an Informed Decision” on this, the biggest investment of your life. You can be assured that by using CHSI to inspect your home, you will receive a professional inspection done with friendliness, integrity, and your well being in mind.During this busy time in your life we aim to assist you, from the initial phone call to months down the road. We are here for you! Strengthen Your Negotiations – Having an inspection performed before selling your home will bring areas of concern to your attention.This could be useful in negotiations, as well as give you an opportunity to improve any of these areas before selling your home. Put Your Mind at Ease – Putting your clients in touch with CHSI, is the best way to put your mind at ease knowing that they will be taken care of. They will receive a professional inspection done by a qualified inspector.We know the importance of good communication and will do all we can to ensure that your clients are well informed and have peace of mind.

Equipping You to Make an Informed Decision

Home Inspections

Comprehensive inspection of all the major systems of the house – Basic and Premiere packages to fit your budget.

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Crucial information for anyone buying or selling a home, at your fingertips.

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Protect your home with a fail-safe system to check for dangerous flaws with home appliances.

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