Ted Neufeld

About Home Inspector

Ted Neufeld

Cornerstone Home Inspection Services was founded in the autumn of 2005 by Ted Neufeld, and it quickly became his full-time endeavour. Over the past fifteen years, Ted has inspected more than 6,000 properties, helping thousands of potential homeowners sleep easier at night.

Ted has spent his entire working career in the construction industry. Before becoming a home inspector, Ted worked as a heavy equipment operator. While digging pools, basements, septic systems, and sewer lines to name a few, he naturally developed an interest in ensuring that a house was built properly.

It was while attending the home inspection of his first house that Ted found his calling.

He loved the process of going through the home with the inspector and checking the major components It was at that point that he made the decision to explore a career in home inspecting.

Ted is certified through the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors(OAHI) as a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) and Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors as a National Certificate Holder (NCH).

Ted truly enjoys educating people about the home they wish to purchase. He is particularly skilled at putting things into perspective for buyers, providing context that they can use to make an informed decision around such a significant investment.